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Your Small Business Web Design Solution

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur with a million dollar idea or a small business, you need to reach out to the potential group of users for your business and what’s better than building a website for the same. A website is always a key business tool that needs to be in place before a business starts with full fledged marketing activities.

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web and graphic design

Best Tips for Improving Your Graphic and Web Design

A good design doesn’t need any introduction as it speaks for itself. Nonetheless, a good design cannot just look good; it needs to perform as well. It needs to confirm to the purpose it has been assigned. The designers at AMU Technologies with their years of experience in design have decided to share today the gem thoughts on “What is considered as Good design

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Creative Graphic Design

Seven Ways to Improve Infographic and Creative Design

Today in the information technological world, creativity is the most powerful tool which acts as a catalyst in the raw information to attract customers or clients. The technology to use this powerful weapon can also be termed as Info Graphic designing. The full form of Info Graphic is Information Graphics which means representing the raw

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responsive website design

Top 9 Tips for Optimizing Your Website for Responsive Website

Creating a responsive website with features supporting seamless mobile presence is ideal for a designer. Since a responsive website design suitable for a mobile medium is different from a traditional site, its design also needs to be different. Follow these tips for optimizing your website for mobile search and keep on one step ahead.

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Responsive Website Design

Top 6 Tips for Creating Mobile-Friendly Responsive Websites

During the last two years, mobile turned as the chief device people use to access the internet, making the place of desktops to the backline. Because of that, responsive website design services turn as a necessity for web designers and site owners. Creating a mobile friendly website is not so easy but requires optimal elements and suitable cross-platforms.

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