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Geo-Fencing is a software which define the boundaries with the support of global positioning system (GPS) or Radio frequency Identification (RFID).
In other words, it is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area.

It triggers when a person or a device leaves the geo-fence fixed by an administrator.
Basically, Geo-fencing allows an administrator to outline the boundaries around the required parameter.


Many geo-fencing applications incorporate Google Earth which allows administrator to define the boundaries on top of a satellite view of a specific geographic area.

It uses GPS, Wi-Fi or data connection to gather the information.
When a target leaves the fencing, the mail or SMS is automatically triggered and sent to user.
Triggers do not necessarily happen just because of physical presence. It maybe possible to establish a geo fence in a precise area and have alerts sent out on garbage-collection days or any mandatory day by a local government or collection company to the user of that area.


Before even discovery of geo-fencing, FCC (Federal communication commission) began collecting data on 911 calls from cell phone providers. So, when someone with a cell phones dialed a number 911 the cell phone provide would gather its location using assisted GPS and send it on over the FCC.
Later when GPS was advanced, location service began to sprout out everywhere.

Yet geo fencing was not ready to incorporate with GPS. Instead, the first geo fencing was built using assisted GPS.

What really made a change was evolution in the phones. Around 2010-2011, smartphones started to get a lot smarter. And with this they started to support their own GPS.
The issue of battery drainage as phone wouldn’t know how to handle so many locations sends and requests when communicating with the satellites, was no longer a problem.

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The virtual perimeter acts as a trust circle for its users. People can rely on the application not only for their security but also for their day-to-day routine.

  1. Farmers: Farmers set up virtual fencing around the boundaries of his farm.
    It allows landlords or farmers to keep a track on their land. In case any animal leaves the specified barrier, it triggers an action. It happens same when someone enters the boundaries too.
    So, it helps them to stay secure from animal attack or human robbery.
  2. Child Tracking: Children needs to be taken care of momentously. Now a days when it has become a necessity for both the parents to work, their major concern is of their child staying at home unaccompanied.
    So, they prefer an application with geofencing features in it to provide all information about their child movement.
    They get notified through message when someone enters their home or even when their kids leave their safe-zone.We can assist you to build the application for the safety of your child with geo location service in it. Because we understand the security you and kids both needs.
  3. Location based marketing: It is really beneficial not just for the shops or brands but also for customers to grab the deals when they are at foreign place.
    Shops/restaurants/hotels can specify an area and put a virtual parameter around it.
    Now there could be simple three use-cases:
    –> Enter- Get notified when the user enters the location
    –> Exit- Get notified if he exits the geo-fence
    –> Dwell- It may happen that user just passes through the geo location. If it so then sending him the notification would be equivalent to spam. By putting a dwell condition, we can target those users who stays for only certain amount of time thereby segmenting audience into proper target.Combining the above three with time-stamp and behavioral data can make you think of myriad use-cases depending on the business.

There are various other uses of geo fencing. It can used in elderly care, movers, national park or in any business.

Get in touch today to build geofence application for your business with great features and expand your business.

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