eCommerce web development

If anyone has planned to create new web design page for ecommerce, then they have to first check for all the problems that people are facing with website designing aspects and then they have to create new design to overcome all of those problems. Some of major changes have to be done in web application development and many development tactics must be involved in it. One must make use of new tools and must emerge libraries on daily basis.

Why do changes needed for business?

If everything is running smoothly then there is no require for changes in business. But if anyone have biggest problem with ecommerce development then certainly changes is required. Some of the changes in the website will surely bring new opportunities and also they bring new challenges for web designers. E commerce business must address these changes if they want success in their business.

Some of the challenges that have to be faced

There are some of the challenges which cannot be ignored and designers must create new application to improve the business. Some of the challenges are,

  • Integration challenge – more and more of applications will live outside the firewall. There is huge expand in development than in past. Modern system may use things like SAAS based CRM system and also host their website on clouds. This will try to improve flexibility and also create challenges for web developers. So one must always try to create web application that can integrate with other applications.
  • Over saturation challenge – there was time when app store rolled out and there was huge demand for mobile app developers and also there was huge competition. The same thing was happened with web applications and the market is over saturated. Users of this web application will have more options ever than before and as the web developer one will also learn how the applications will stand out
  • User experience challenge – over saturation will always bring the spoiled users. And by making use of easy accessible, simple application and user expectation have risen dramatically. All the users will expect the same level of simplicity that they have in mobile apps that they use every day.
  • Speed challenge – As all the mobile apps will have fast access most of the users will not have patience to make use of slow application. 40% of the people will abandon a website which will take more than 3 seconds to load. This will put the business in tough spot as most of the users will demand for rich application.
  • Security challenge – most of the people will like to have improved version of security in their application. A recent studies estimate that about 96% of all the web application will contain serious vulnerability.

The fact that most of the people do not know is that application security is becoming more complex but also the developer will try to build some sort of security for the application. It is biggest challenge for web developer to keep up to date with evolving application security threats and also to keep each layer of application secure.

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