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Who hasn’t heard of the envious line by Apple-“If you don’t have an iPhone, well you don’t have an iPhone.”

The markets have been filled with the rumours of iPhone 7’s new feature much before the final announcements were made in WWDC conference held on 7th Sep, 2016.

And to much satisfaction, the iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the best phones manufactured by Apple which have sleeker look and are launched in two more color variants- Black, which is a matte finish classy look and Apple has chosen to call the other variant with a high gloss finish, Jet Black.

Being one of the premier app development companies, AMU Technologies will help you understand the features better:

  • Water-resistant and dust proof: The new phones are more durable as they are designed to ensure they are water and dust proof.
  • The battery lasts longer as Apple has added an approx of 2 hours more of battery life per charge.
  • Advanced and more powerful processor with Apple’s A10 fusion chip that is said to be 40% faster than A9 processor of iPhone 6S.
  • Improved Camera as it is designed to click better quality pictures in dim lights and also it comes with image stabilization feature, earlier availability only in 5.5 inches plus models. 

How the launch will affect iPhone App developers:

With every launch, Apple strengthens its iTunes store by coming up with updates that help developers to build high quality apps. At AMU technologies, we take every update seriously and make sure we have incorporated the changes to give best results.

Following points highlight the effect of update on developers community: 

  1. Developers can hugely benefit from the new provision which allows them to access Apple’s Maps and Siri for developing apps related to these features and make them user friendly.
  2. New stickers app launched by Apple and the changes made to UI of messages app will allow developer to innovate and come up with new ideas.
  3. With new testing environment there will be less chances of errors while and more optimisation of work.
  4. Developers and app testers will be at ease with the launch of Xcode8 as it will help to find the bugs at exact location and thus will be a great help in addressing the issues in app.
  5. Apple developers have boasted also of improved Indexing Time will will reduce the wait time while launching a project.
  6. Much more to explore with Swift language as its version 3.0 has been launched with major enhancements.

The most anticipated smartphone of 2016 has been launched with a bang and the app developers of AMU Technologies are excited to kick start the new projects and explore the world of new updates. The nuances and challenges will continue to exist but these updates keep the hopes alive to make the Apps, bug free and efficient, with one update at a time.

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