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Today the world will be absolutely passive if the connection of internet is cut off. To counter this kind of situations there has been a rise in demand of web application development. Web applications are basically some business strategies and policies which are in turn being implemented on the Web via the use of user, business and data services.

These three tools are called the application model tiers which are the building blocks of the upcoming future.

Need for Web Application: – Today there is hardly any entity which would dare to run a business without any kind of web application resources. Like for instance today there are a large number of companies which are willing to step forward for business transactions with some other companies through the help of the most efficient and secure money transaction web applications. Thus there has been a hike in the demand for web application development experts.

Web application development process has four main phases which are given below:

  • Identifying the business logic and the entities – The first step that should be taken is to gather every single bit of information available to the developer. If the developer is going to be implementing the web application on databases then he or she should be heading for determining the entities that are going to be used in the particular business logic. After the entities have been identified, the developer should prepare reports, presentations or flow charts in order to establish the proper relationships between those entities and the business logic.
  • Creation of functional specification and a project plan – Functional specification can be termed as the graphic user interface or GUI of the application which is basically the looks and work of the web application. Creating functional specs makes the development process to be streamlined. After this comes the project plan. It is a detailed timeline of the tasks and events which will be happening during the web development process. This is normally done by the project or program manager.
  • Implementation of the application model – The developer starts with the data tier which can be a text file, an SQL server database or even the powerful and robust Oracle. According to the platform chosen by the developer the tables, jobs, relationships etc. are created. Then in the business tier testing and debugging environment is being set up. Then in the user tier the focus comes on the get up of the web application including the icons and graphic layout.
  • Development of a support scheme – The proper support and stabilization of the web application is very important. In cases of failure, mishaps or downtime a procedure call is set up. There should be a facility to contact the developer in emergency situations. The most common and very helpful support scheme is the ticket tracking system.

These are the four main development processes of a web application to make a perfect, efficient and user friendly web application for the customers.

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