Creative Graphic Design

Today in the information technological world, creativity is the most powerful tool which acts as a catalyst in the raw information to attract customers or clients. The technology to use this powerful weapon can also be termed as Info Graphic designing. The full form of Info Graphic is Information Graphics which means representing the raw

information demanded by the client with some creative graphical textures. The main function of creative and info graphic design is to prepare the information much more understandable through certain figures. According to some analysis, an info graphic design has three vital parts which are the visual, the content and the knowledge.

The visual is comprised of color and graphics among which the graphics is divided in two different parts, theme and reference. All info graphic designs has graphics which represent the underlying visual representation of data while reference graphics are generally icons which can be used to point to certain data. Reference graphics is not frequent in info graphic designing.

The data consists of the statistics and facts which can be gained from any number of sources such as census data and news reports.

Finally the knowledge is the mere insight of the data which is being displayed through the info graphic and creative designing.

Seven potent methods to improve the info graphic and creative design are:

  • Sticking to a coherent color scheme: Only using two color schemes may cause the reader to get bored and lose interest from the main topic, thus it is being suggested to apply more than two color schemes which will create interest in the reader’s eyes. One can also choose color according to his or her brand personality, name and texture.
  • Switching up the typeface: Just like the color scheme, using single type throughout the document will create distraction from the data. Thus it is expected change the typeface moderately according to the content but one should avoid changing typeface haphazardly.
  • Keep the content simple: Advanced ideas can be implemented simply through graphical visualizations. So the content must be kept as simple as possible using graphical interface. This will avoid any unnecessary confusion.
  • Keep focus at your ultimate view: It is basically linked with simplicity. The collection of data should be done keeping in mind some certain patterns. Haphazard collection of data can cost lack of misunderstanding about the main point of view.
  • The document should be easy to view: In most of the cases, resizing ruins the visibility of the fonts. This happens mainly when the designer makes the document huge, forcing the developer to downsize it. The designer must make sure that the smallest font is readable without much difficulty in his or her project.
  • Proper attention should be paid in size: Big is good but large is too much. Clients will never give much time for a single project so the size should be big to make it beautiful but not too big that will cost time. Length limit of 8000 pixels is a preferable size.
  • A killer headline is always effective: A good headline should contain the description of the info graphic, and it should be stingy enough to catch customers.

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