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Introduction – In today’s smartphone market one of the popular and most desirable consumer good is an iPhone, a product of the most famous company in the world market, Apple Inc. Apple’s iPhone is not just a phone, it has become a style icon, a religion. They divided the world into to sects, one who uses an iPhone and the others who don’t.

The trend is so positively contagious, people who don’t owns them, wants to and the ones who own it, wants more out of it. There are some strong reasons, which verify this popularity. The first and foremost is the quality. Over the years, Apple Inc. maintained one thing, which is quality.

Why an iPhone – Apple’s iPhone first came into the market in 2007. Since its execution, Apple has emerged to be the most well liked lucrative smartphone. The latest device today in the market is iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s variants. There are both internal and external features that make this device a pure class. iPhone runs on operating system iOS, this itself, is a huge boost to its market. This operating system is smooth and very much user friendly, with constant updates in each phase making this device latest each time. iPhone is very easy to use. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus comes with a new feature that no Android phone maker could copy. This 3D Touch display is smart; it can sense pressure, allowing users to take quick actions from the home screen just by long pressing on an app icon. Another thing is App Store, with plethora of Apps, Apple’s iPhone becomes an all-round system. More apps means more people gets benefited whilst on the go.  With latest features and world renowned reputation, iPhone users have a religion of their own.

iPhone App –Now a days there are over five billion mobile subscribers in which about 77% of the world’s population – are online, thus the market is really huge. In these total 77% users a substantial chunk uses iPhone. This makes a huge market for iPhone Apps because more the people use iPhone, more the people will use iOS applications. There are estimated 1.5 million applications present in App Store as of July 2015. This is huge. With efficient experts working in AMU Technologies, you can have your Apple App easily.

Future of iPhone App –This smart and lustrous phone with complex yet easy to use features is in huge rage. The main aim of Apple Inc. was to aim common users but now this is shifting to business segment. It is abruptly shifting its image from entertainment apps to business oriented apps. An iPhone application is more organized, as far as the users are concerned. So it is noteworthy, iPhone apps are the trend and keeping up with the latest iOS 10 coming into market, this indeed will be huge new market to venture. The geniuses working in AMU technologies will help you make an iPhone App for your business to get itself a global platform.

Why you should have for your company – In today’s world, the market is huge. The business is not only limited locally, it has stretched its hand globally. Apple iPhone has reached a cult status over the years. iPhone users are that niche users in the society who have that prestige and prosperity. This gives a huge platform for ones business to reach new heights, giving itself that cult status, which iPhone users enjoy. In order to thrive and grow in this market, an app is definitely required to get a digital print in this impressive market. AMU Technologies is the key for you to help yourself make this digital print in that market.

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