Expert iPhone App Developers

Expert iPhone app developers generally create the tools they need to remain productive and entertained on the Mac and similar devices. But it is also essential for them to have excellent tools to support their jobs as best iPhone/iOS apps developers. Here is a list of some very useful tools most suitable for iPhone apps developers.

Xcode – Xcode is the livewire of all iPhone/iOS apps development process, developed by Apple. It can obtain free of cost from the Mac App Store for developers to download and make use in your apps developing pursuit.

Coda – Code is mainly a text editor useful for creating websites. It consists of built-in FTP tool with time-saving properties like auto-complete to save the time of developers and designers. Coda comes with many built-in CSS tools appropriate for giving style and charm to the webpages you are creating.

Versions – The tool versions, is a very handy sub version app for expert iPhone /iOS apps developers. It consists of a brilliant interface that creates something that can be expedient, painless and simple.

Kaleidoscope – The Kaleidoscope is a brilliant tool which allows viewing umpteen revisions of codes and files in a less messy interface and easily comparing between two files to review the changes already made. This tool is not only good for text but also handle image files vividly.

ImageOptim – It has the credit of another dazzling tool preferred by best iPhone/iOS apps developers to handle numerous images easily. With this tool, a developer can reduce the size of the image so that the app’s size also becomes smaller. In that way it can downsize the amount of time taken for the image to load.

Cloud – This tool is the desktop client of CloudApp and useful in sharing files online. With this, you only need to simply drag the files and drop onto the icon in the Finder bar. The rest of the things will be handled by CloudApp. The files uploaded by Cloud can be shared easily and one can keep track of the number of viewers.

LittleSnapper – This is the most useful tool for taking screenshots. People prefer screenshots when they need to check out the suitability of a product or a function. It is also helpful to edit and modify the screenshots whenever necessary.

Chocolat – Chocolat is a tool, helpful in editing texts using the most advanced technological applications. It possesses auto completion and syntax highlighting features to handle numerous languages. With this, one can easily detect errors and preview the end result.

Alfred – It is another tool appreciated by many expert iPhone/iOS apps developers. It is useful for finding required files and information quickly. With this tool, by the tap of one or two keys, you can search documents, browse the web and bookmarks. Copying and transferring of files are also easy with Alfred.

The other useful tools for iPhone/iOS apps developers are Panic’s Developer Color Picker, CSSHat, Hype, MAMP, Xscope, OmniGraffle, VirtualBox, CodeBox, MarsEdit, Iconslate, etc.

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