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The world is becoming more and more mobile-app centric and seems to be moving away from the browser-based environment of the web. The favorite feature of the time, Instagram is more mobile-centric rather than a web-based interface.

In that way, the web is becoming secondary and mobile apps are dominating with umpteen kind of amazing features and ever increasing number of expert mobile apps developers.

To develop an app these days, you need not to be an expert in app programming. With the many tools are available to use, anyone make an app. If you are also familiar with the programming language and codes, the ground breaking type of new mobile apps will be your creations also.

Creating iPhone/iOS apps

IPhone/iOS apps are not popular as Android, but generally the more luxurious iOS users are more welcoming to the expedient apps also. It is customary for you to know that Apple is strict in its market rules than Google or Microsoft. You have to enrol in the iOS developer program with an amount starts from 99$ per year.

If you do not have access to a third-party development tool, download XCode from the Mac app store. XCode is the official integrated development environment (IDE), essential for Best Mobile Application design & Development Services to create an iOS app. A little bit understanding in Objective-C language is crucial as iOS apps are written in it. Tutorials are available for you to get familiarise with the programming languages either objective-C or a higher version of it. After the completion of the app, one must submit it for reviewing by Apple and get acceptance.

Creating Android apps

Android apps have more demand across the globe, as it is the highest used mobile operating system. Google provides step-by step guide for the use of Android app developers. If you are not an expert, it may come handy. To begin with, download Android Studio, the official Android integrated development environment (IDE).

Knowledge in Java programming language is mandatory to develop Android apps. With Android studio, all expert mobile apps developers can develop, test and monetize an app. Next step is the publication of it in the Google Play Developer Console. To do that, you must sign up for a Google Play developer account for a one-time fee of 25$. Within a few hours the new app will become available in the Google Play sore.

Creating Windows Phone apps

Windows is the smallest mobile OS environment with the potential to grow day by day from the possibility to link Windows mobile, tablet and desktop environments with Windows 10. The initiation required a sign up for a Windows Developer Account with a fee of 19$. You need a basic knowledge in Microsoft Visual Studio to start the development of Windows apps. C#, C++ with AML, C++ with DirectX, and JavaScript with HTML/CSS may come handy for best mobile apps developers to try a hand in Windows phone apps. Once finished the app creation and testing, you can publish it to the Windows Phone Store. It is also possible easy for a non-expert of programming language to develop an app via Windows App Studio by means of a few clicks.

There are many resources and third-party software are available in the web market to help non-programmers and non-developers for one to choose from. If you are really enthusiastic, go for it, and enjoy the magic of creation.

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